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A Modern 21st Century Building in a Delightful Rural Setting in Bulgaria
, | 4 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Apartments
€ 95 000

Ref. No. E1509
Region Sliven
Property Type Apartments
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4

  Year Build 1901
  Floors 1
  Size 225.00 sq.m.

Watch a video about the house

Watch an another video about the house

This is an ideal ‘new build’ property for a holiday home, or a permanent home, for discerning people wanting a quieter life, close to nature, in the picturesque Bulgarian mountain village of Sedlarevo, a location with a distinct rustic charm of its own.

The property we are offering is a high quality ‘new-build’ that requires some outside exterior work to finish the property.  The interior has been completely finished, and fitted out to the highest possible standards.  There is a connected electricity supply, which includes solar panels.  All rooms are fitted with dual temperature units that provide air conditioning in Summer, and heating in Winter.
The property has a totally unique design that allows it to be used as:
• two semi-detached two-bedroom houses, with two bathrooms (one ensuite) and a very large open plan kitchen / lounge/ dining area.
• Or, a luxurious four-bedroom property, with four bathrooms (two ensuite) and two large open plan rooms that can be adapted for multiple use - lounge, dining room, etc.
A cleverly designed passageway with lockable doors, at both ends, offers the flexibility of having one large connected house, or the individual privacy of two houses. 
The design was created for renting the property, either as 2 separate units, or one combined unit, to NATO military personnel from the Novo Selo military base, about 7 km away.  But due to the passing of one of the two partners in the project, it has had to be permanently shelved.       
This is why the property - with the finishing, fittings, floors, lighting, and overall decor, installed, using the highest quality materials available - is being offered at such a discounted price.
The property cost over 140,000 Euros to build, has never been occupied, and is now offered brand new, at a special discounted price of 95,000 Euros 1 Euro =1.95 Leva
To complete the project, the following additional work is needed:  
• A septic tank installed, and the water supply to be connected
•  a wall / fence built around the property
• landscaping of the garden.
This work has been estimated as a MAXIMUM expenditure of 17,000 Euros (33,150 Leva).   Making the whole property complete, for the maximum total investment of 112,000 Euros.

If you go to Google Maps, ‘Sedlarevo, Bulgaria’, the property can be seen in the extreme South East (bottom right hand corner) of the village.
It is distinguishable by its two identical red roofs.  The land that goes with the property can also be clearly seen.
Located on the edge of the village, with no buildings at the back, the rear view offers an unspoiled panorama of beautiful countryside.  A track alongside the house leads down to a small river, and is ideal for individual exercise, or dog walking.

Located below a ‘saddle ridge’, which gave the village its name, Sedlarevo is surrounded by magnificent forests and open fields and meadows, that offers a Shangri-La location for people wishing to escape the ‘rat race’, either temporarily (holiday home), or permanently.
There is the opportunity to walk in the surrounding forests, or cycle / walk along the two scenic roads winding out of the village, that barely see more than four vehicles per day!   The distinct lack of cars is one of the pleasures of village life.  The only ‘traffic jam’ during the day is the temporary blocking of the road when the village goats are being taken to graze in the surrounding fields!
With very few vehicles, the only sounds heard at night, while looking up at a beautiful starlit sky, with zero light pollution, are those that villagers have heard for hundreds of years – the chirping of crickets, the occasional barking of a dog, and the intermittent noises of sheep and cattle, or the braying of a donkey.